The Post


Steven Spielberg started work on The Post in the middle of 2017 and completed the film for a holiday release, urged on – no doubt –  by events in Washington D.C.  With an all-star cast and crew (including costume designer Ann Roth), The Post tells a relatable, fast-paced story about freedom of the press. What makes the film sing is Meryl Streep’s spot-on portrayal of Washington Post owner Katherine Graham, whose coming-to-power story tracks women’s emergent voice in business. Tom Hank’s plays legendary Post editor Ben Bradlee who battles to make his paper relevant and gently prods Graham to make the momentous decision to publish what became known as The Pentagon Papers.  Currently ranking 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Post allows parents to talk about the role of the press in a democracy and is well worth a watch. These are veterans at the top of their game with something important to say.  Here is a 12+ positive review from Common Sense.