This is Us on NBC


There are so many reasons to love This is Us on NBC. We love the unusual structure that allows us to know a set of siblings when they’re young and when they’re grown and struggling with life – the show flashes back to the main characters’ childhood, allowing us to know where they came from, and have compassion for how their current problems evolved over their lifetimes. The young kids are raised by idyllic parents, played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia and we fall in love with because of their chemistry and their confident creation of a wonderful life for their beloved triplets. Then, as we seem the siblings as adults they have a society’s breadth of problems – and the show gracefully handles adoption, racism, being overweight, anxiety, and so much more. Writer Dan Fogelman created Crazy Stupid Love, another favorite of ours for it’s sloppy but accurate portrayal of how we all really are in families.

Just trust me and watch it…. before the first season ends on March 14, 2017.