Clip and Share:


My mother still clips articles from the Boston Globe and sends them west, snail-mail style, for me to read. She likes to connect to her kids with this time-tested recipe for conversation. Here are a few fun articles from the news this week that are worth printing and sharing at the breakfast table. After all, we have to teach kids to read the paper if we want journalism to survive and thrive.

Football player invents sensor aimed at helping coaches know when a concussion might have happened.

Love this story about a football player from Palos Verdes, Braeden Benedict, who is concerned about concussions among his friends and teammates, and invented an alert system for sideline coaches to know when a hit is particularly bad.




It Really Happened on Mulberry Street: Theodore Geisel and Creativity

Seventy five years ago,  Dr. Seuss’s first book was published. For a fascinating glimpse into the nature of creativity (and the importance of dogged determination) you can read or listen to this NPR story, How Dr Seuss Got His Start ‘On Mulberry Street’.



Google Science Fair Winners

If you want to know the answer to whether grilled or fried chicken is better for your health, check out the analysis by 13 year-old Google Science Fair Winner at the TEDx Women’s conference. She has two colleagues that are equally impressive; if these kids don’t inspire your science fair devotee, nothing will!


Crystal Bridges Opens in Bentonville Arkansas

We have to pay attention when a new art museum opens, and Crystal Bridges is pretty spectacular. Funded by Alice Walton, one of the first generation Walmart heirs, it is located in Bentonville, Arkansas and specializes in American art. We are actually booked to see it in March, but in the meantime here is a glimpse of a place that Travel and Leisure is calling one of the hottest destinations for 2012.