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Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half

A story of two Black sisters from the south by an LA author
A PICK OF                 THE MONTH

Making Your Own Ice Cream

The one staple of our pandemic diet has been ice cream. As the evening news gets more horrifying, a few scoops of creamy comfort helps numb my rising anxiety.  After the waves of obsessive Cpvid-baking (banana bread, sourdough starter, pizza, …

A PICK OF                 THE MONTH

The Compton Cowboys by Walter Thompson-Hernández

Local journalist chronicles the lives of the Compton Cowboys
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Digital Summer Camp with Children’s Authors

Excellent resources for summer activities from children's book authors and illustrators
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Giving Back: FarmLink

College kids transporting farm produce to cities during Covid supply chain disruption
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Wide Open School

New curated site for content

Pandemic CSA Boxes: A Delicious Learning Curve

The pandemic got me a bit nutty about who was touching my fruit and veggies. I decided that a CSA box would help reduce the number of hands touching what we were eating, and the box delivery would support local …


Covid Coping: Top Picks for Online Museum Resources for Families

It’s hard to sort through all the many resources on line, so why not start with a few of our best museums in the US. Here, curated for kids, are some choices for activities which are active and creative.



The Overstory by Richard Powers


Richard Powers’ The Overstory is a big long read, as massive as the redwoods that he chronicles so lovingly. It’s easy to put aside, which I did for about 9 months after it won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for