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Hello, and thanks for being here.

I have been writing about family life and LA culture for over fifteen years. I am an east coast girl who came to Hollywood after studying film semiotics at Brown. After a decade in the film industry, I started a family and began to write a blog about exploring the city with my kids. Kids Off the Couch (which is offline now, sadly) paired a film or a book with an adventure – for instance, we’d watch Seabiscuit as a family and visit the Santa Anita Racetrack.  It was a wonderful way for someone who didn’t grow up in Los Angeles to learn about the city my kids now call home.

A resume, of sorts: Parenting for me included many phases (from being a stay home, to doing excessive volunteer work, to driving all over the Southland as a “soccer mom”) so when my kids were off to college, I was eager to find a new community. Seven years ago, I took a job running the LA office for Common Sense Media, where I focused on media and technology’s intersection with family life – a topic that still fascinates me.  Recently I changed my role at the organization, and now serve as a member of the LA Advisory Council and produce 4-5 parenting webinars for them each year, as a consultant.

What do I write about? My kids grew up, but I have continued to write about life in LA.  When you peruse the site, you’ll notice that I report on venues and adventures for all ages – recently, there is an increasingly amount of content for adults. I feel I can add most value if I am being authentic about my currently lived experience. That might be confusing to new readers, but it reflects my long journey and varied interests. Currently, I am sharing news about topics I have always loved: museums and art, film and TV, and books and news, the front line of parenting, living with tech, outdoor adventures, nonprofit volunteering and giving, and more – an offering of what I am watching and reading and learning right now, from my kitchen to yours.

Why should you sign up to be part of this community?   If your taste syncs with mine, I hope that my curation will save you time and create space for thought, creativity, and inspiration. I am happiest when discovering something new, learning about an artist or author, exploring a new part of town, or grappling with a new idea.  Writing about what I’ve experienced deepens my understanding, and that’s what I share here with you. I am in contact with most of our larger arts organizations, scour the internet for the best content, read a lot of books and articles, and like to take my camera out to explore new exhibits and locations within driving distance. If I don’t like something, it won’t show up here. It’s that simple.

If you have stumbled upon us and are thinking of following along, welcome to the family. The newsletter comes out weekly so please sign up.  If you’ve been along for my journey all these long years, thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

Sarah Bowman (you can email me anytime at info@thefamilysavvy.com)

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