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New for 2021

After a lengthy pause, and due to the ongoing pandemic, I’m reviving the site to share news about topics I have always loved: art, film, and books, the front line of parenting and living with tech, adventures, nonprofit coverage, and more – a kitchen sink offering of what I am watching and reading, coupled with brief stories about people and projects in Los Angeles that impact our lives right now. I offer these observations as a means of sorting through the many online offerings right now, aimed at providing solace during our continued, limited lives-at-home.

In lives that are becoming increasingly virtual, we must all must strive to find balance with technology. That may mean disconnecting more frequently, and when online, intentionally spending time with only the most worthy offerings. I am happiest when discovering something new, learning about an artist or author, exploring a new part of town, or grappling with a new idea. I hope that some of what I uncover will help you create a little space for thought, creativity, and inspiration.

Six Picks of the Week will become Six Picks for the Month – the best of what I am seeing right now.  I will send less frequent emails to subscribers, but promise to keep in touch on a regular basis.

This site has always been a labor of love, not a source of profit. It does cost money to keep online, and at least 12 hours of my week to curate it. I hope you appreciate my efforts, and are inspired to use your time intentionally.

The Back Story

For many years, The Family Savvy curated culture for families in LA. We provided weekly updates about movies, art, and books and offered timely articles that offer chances for families to engage with LA and its many assets. Our goal has been to point out options for everyone in the family, from elementary, middle school, and high school aged kids to adults and grandparents. The mission has always been to help find what’s worthy of your family’s time.

I began paying attention to LA’s many offerings when my children were in elementary school and we enjoyed a blissful few years when birthday parties slowed down and before sports schedules and homework ramped up. I had not grown up here, so there was much to explore. A friend and I created Kids Off the Couch – take a look here to read about the many adventures we took around town. We had a neat formula — pairing a film or book with an outing (for instance, we’d watch Seabiscuit and head to Santa Anita). Looking back at these adventures makes me yearn for that idyllic time – it also occurs to me that these mash-ups were ahead of their time! Although some of the details are outdated, the site is full of fun ideas for adventures, and for films to watch together. And the illustrations by Laura Cornell are a treat.

While writing Kids Off the Couch, I came to rely on the ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media, which started in 2003 to help families make quality choices about media. Two years ago, with my kids out of the house to college and grad school, I currently serve as the Senior Director for Common Sense in Los Angeles. Much of our work is focused on helping families navigate technology in their lives. In fact, it’s not just parenting that is made more complicated by a 24/7 connected world – all of our lives are both enhanced and hindered by technology. Thinking about how we make decisions about this new normal is increasingly complex and – to me – endlessly fascinating.

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Sarah Bowman

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