Announcing My New Project: Reasons to Gather

For the past three months, I have been creating itineraries for adults under the aegis of Reasons to Gather. Based on the strong response, I’ve built a new platform for those adventures and invite you all to follow me …


Reasons to Gather #8: An Ideal Time to Visit Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House, set atop a spectacular property near Los Feliz, is a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. If you visit before May 27, you can catch a spectacular in-situ art installation.

Ceramic by Adam Silverman and Painting by Louise Bonnet at

MARCH To Do List

As part of the rebranded Reason to Gather (soon to be hosted on its own platform), I’ll bring you highlights from the LA cultural landscape on a monthly basis, as filtered through my lens: museums, books and movies, articles, adventures, …


Reason to Gather #7: Anselm Kiefer’s Exodus + Walking Through History in Hancock Park

An excursion to see Exodus by the artist Anselm Kiefer is a must before it closes, both to learn about a world-class artist and this monumental set of paintings and to visit a unique exhibition space. A stroll through the …


Move Over, Playboy: Online Pornography is Here, and Kids Are Watching

As part of my work with Common Sense, I produced this conversation for parents and educators about the nonprofit’s new research on pornography viewing by our (very young) kids. This very capable panel teases out the learnings and offers practical …


Reason To Gather #6: Exploring the Arts District and the 6th Street Bridge

The Arts District has an endlessly changing mix of restaurants and galleries and an excursion downtown always lifts me up.  Wandering in tourist mode and glimpsing novel views of my own city restores me as if I’ve taken a vacation. …


REASON TO GATHER #5: Birdwatching with a Pro at Malibu Lagoon

I recently joined a new club, one with nearly 45 million US members. Like many, during the pandemic, I became a “birder” – first by learning the birds that flocked to a feeder in my backyard and more recently, by …


REASON TO GATHER #4: Get to Know Kehinde Wiley

You might not know his name. But chances are, you know Kehinde Wiley‘s official Presidential portrait of Barack Obama. According to Julian Lucas’ recent New Yorker profile, Wiley has gone from “enfant terrible of the early two-thousands, when he …


RTG #3: Uta Barth at the Getty Center

Solstice at Getty Center

Our Los Angeles skies are pristine after the rain and there’s no better viewing perch than the Getty Center. Living in proximity to one of our country’s most visited museums makes it a treat to pop …