REASON TO GATHER #4: Get to Know Kehinde Wiley

You might not know his name. But chances are, you know Kehinde Wiley‘s official Presidential portrait of Barack Obama. According to Julian Lucas’ recent New Yorker profile, Wiley has gone from “enfant terrible of the early two-thousands, when he …


RTG #3: Uta Barth at the Getty Center

Solstice at Getty Center

Our Los Angeles skies are pristine after the rain and there’s no better viewing perch than the Getty Center. Living in proximity to one of our country’s most visited museums makes it a treat to pop …

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Reason to Gather #2: Visit Homeboy Industries

Father Gregory Boyle

Father Gregory Boyle is an LA Institution. Through remarkable compassion and a steadfast faith, Boyle has changed hundreds of lives in the most underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Boyle is known for his success with gang rehabilitation …


New Project: A Reason to Gather

Happy New Year! I’m kicking off 2023 with a new project called “Reason to Gather” – or “RTG”. I’ll be sharing an excursion I’ve taken in the hope of inspiring you to get out into the city with your friends …


REASON TO GATHER #1: Start 2023 with David Hockney

25th June 2022, Looking at the Flowers (Framed)

Some Flowers and Some Bigger Pictures” at L.A. Louver (CLOSING JAN 7, 2023)

Venice’s L.A. Louver is as elegant as a crisp white shirt. Whenever I step into the gallery’s …

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Gallery Priorities for January

Two excellent shows are leaving town soon but you have a bit more time to get to LACMA’s gorgeous Park Dae Sun show, which I wrote about here – I’m thrilled that it has been extended through Feb 3, 2022. …


My Favorite Pandemic Project: The Power of Photography

We are witnessing a steady stream of passion projects in the form of books, and songs, and pieces of art born from the darkest hours of the pandemic. Many of us have private passion projects from that time – but …


Indie Bookstore Discoveries – Village Well + Now Serving LA

Village Well Books and Coffee

Culver City has a terrific new bookstore, run by Jennifer Casper (profiled HERE in the LA Times). Casper started this venture during Covid and certainly struggled to stay afloat. But her instincts for community paid …

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Bookshelf 2022

Of all that I read this year, these are the ones I can recommend… a little of everything from non-fiction to poetry to investigations into the worlds of well-known authors. Someone really has to invent the word that describers the …