The Future – Magic at the Geffen


Hands down, the best Zoom adventure I have had this year came through a theater in my neighborhood, the Geffen Playhouse. In a well-orchestrated blend of classic theater and modern technology, this virtual experience is a magic show called The Future, created by and featuring the incredible Helder Guimarães, whose prior show The Present was a sell out that received national media attention.

Helder is a storyteller as well as a magician and takes us on his personal journey to magic, while performing tricks that will stretch your mind. Fear not, you won’t feel stuck on your own couch, because Helder moves around the theater and the show feels fresh and interactive, thanks to clever use of the zoom features. The cutest thing about Helder is that he performs a remarkable trick and then exclaims “It’s amazing” with the excitement of a child. I wish I could reveal more about the show, but I can’t because I’d spoil the show – which you should certainly book for yourselves.

The Future has been extended until April 4, and  – bonus in the pandemic, you only need to buy one ticket to enjoy the show with your family at home. You’ll receive a package in the mail a few days before the show and, while I can’t reveal details about what’s in the box (that would spoil the show), I can report that it’s impressive for it’s high quality and aligned with the emotional content of Helder’s show.