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Virtual Museum Going

You can still learn about art in our city... virtually.
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EMMA – A delight! Watch at home

First run movie on your streaming platforms
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The Peleton App is FREE for 90 Days

First rate workouts for your home use
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2020 Goal: The Backbone Trail

A 67 mile trail running from Will Rogers to Point Magu
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Lost Children Archive

Beautiful book about the migrant crisis

The Overstory by Richard Powers


Richard Powers’ The Overstory is a big long read, as massive as the redwoods that he chronicles so lovingly. It’s easy to put aside, which I did for about 9 months after it won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for


Secret Staircase Adventure in Hollywoodland

Los Angeles has a web of short, steep staircases built into hilly neighborhoods. While it may be the case that the staircases are not so "secret" anymore, that doesn't actually seem like a bad thing.

Sounds of the World: NYT Special Edition

I just spent an interesting half hour listening (and watching) a special edition of the New York Times called “Listen to the World”. I had dinner over the weekend with a BOD member of the venerated paper, who alerted me …


Match the Museum: Summer 2018

The weather is gorgeous today, but a heat wave is headed our way. Why not duck into an air-conditioned museum to escape for a few hours? Here's a round-up to help you match your mood to the excellent shows in town right now.