Wide Open School


Common Sense Media, in partnership with the internet’s top content producers, launched Wide Open School during the early days of the pandemic. Wide Open School is a site curated by the nonprofit for educators and parents looking for online resources for children at home during the Covid-19 quarantine. With families sheltering in place, we are all on screens more, and Wide Open School is a place to find a treasure trove of curated content, sorted by age and interest (see below).

Update 2021 – the site is being used around the country and is updated regularly. By checking Common Sense Media (or signing up for a Plus Membership) you will find parent and teacher webinars and articles specifically designed to help families with distance learning. 

Discover content from providers ranging from Kahn Academy to National Geographic to Sesame Workshop. You can arrange your day with a schedule, find inspiration for physical activity and learn more about mental health and well-being.

All for free! From trusted creators, curated by Common Sense; please spread the word.

Be sure to read this article, “Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning” for tips about organizing your day. And this article about ways to facilitate socially distanced socializing.

The mental health of our children during this difficult time is on everyone’s mind. Here is Common Sense’s portal which offers articles and advice around how to cope, and when to worry.