Drink Your Vegetables – Why the Juice Craze just might be here to stay


Pressed Juices are all the rage right now, with various vendors cropping up all over town. We’ve tried Kreation, and Beverly Hills Juice and Pressed Juicery and they’re all pretty darn delicious. Take a look at the flavors here on the Pressed Juicery site – whether you’re detoxing or just seeking a yummy way to ingest your daily veggies, these blends are incredibly satisfying. Perhaps you have a big juicer at home and have the time to shop and chop copious amounts of vegetables (and maybe a staff to clean the messy juicer?), but we prefer to grab a few of these yummy blends and savor them without all the hassle.

Whole Foods can make you a pressed juice pretty darn quick, that’s good, too.

Whether or not one should go on a juice fast is a whole other (medical) issue – and not one we dare weigh in on. But we have heard a lot about the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and suspect it’s one of the motors behind the craze for juice cleanses. We haven’t seen anything other than the teaser online, but the basic premise is pretty close to SuperSize Me: a cute Aussie guy with a significant paunch juices his gut away, and then gets several severely overweight folks to see the (green) light.

Californians often get out front of the rest of the nation in terms of health and lifestyle trends, and we have a feeling the juice craze is here to stay.