FUN for KIDS in LA: A clever TWEAK on gifting


Tara Riceberg’s new shop TWEAK, located on Beverly Boulevard near Orlando, offers gifts for kids and the home with a clever twist – everything is pre-wrapped for low-stress/high-reward shopping.  Turns out, her mother ran the Beverly Hills store Tesoro, and so Tara knows a thing or two about curating your shopping experience. She actually counts museum gift shops high as a primary inspiration for her shop, choosing design-forward and clever items for every gifting opportunity — from birthday party, to hostess gift, to your girl or boy friend’s big day.

We especially lovedthat Tara has so many bonafide kid-friendly aspects to her shop. Kids are encouraged to touch, explore and play – and anything stocked down low is fair game. Gheck out the air-hockey table, if you doubt her intentions!

Once you’ve chosen something to purchase, you’ll find a stack of the same item all wrapped up in cozy yellow and brown (see above for color schemes).  The gift is additionally layered with clear cellophane (to prevent dust, lest it winds up sitting in your gift closet for a month or two!).  And, the ribbon is designed to be fluffed up at the last moment. Finally, a hang-tag is on the back for those of you that tend to forget what you’ve stashed in the gift closet.

TWEAK – 8384 Beverly Boulevard LA 90048

“Where Harry Potter, Dorothy Draper, Leonardo da Vinci, and Santa Claus would shop if they lived in Hollywood”

(next door is the delicious Beverly Hills Juice, a doubly nice reason to stop by)