Fun Things To Do With Kids in LA: K.A.M.P. event on May 20 at The Hammer


An indelible childhood memory is a powerful thing.

For Brooke Kanter, an afternoon spent making art a children’s museum under the guidance of a working artist led to an intuitive understanding of the creative process, and a natural connection to the person behind the art. Once her children were able to put crayon to paper, she sought out similar experiences, ultimately creating an art event called K.A.M.P. that connects 20 LA artists with kids. The third annual Kids’ Art Museum Project takes place at the Hammer Museum on Sunday, May 20 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. All the lucky kids who attend will participate in wildly inventive art projects dreamed up by local artists, each of whom will be on hand to inspire, guide and engage the kids in a collaborative venture. A handful of actors will be on hand to read stories in surrounding galleries as well, including Eric Dane, Minnie Driver, Will Ferrell, Jodie Foster, Annabeth Gish and Molly Shannon.

The spirit of Brooke’s childhood experience has translated into one of the Hammer’s most exciting events, supporting the ever-expanding Hammer Kids programming. Her background in the art world placed her in the perfect position to translate her idea into reality. She found support from the Hammer’s clever Director Ann Philbin, and has subsequently been delighted by the eagerness of the artists to create something magical for kids… whether or not they have children of their own. Brooke remembers one participant telling her, “If I’d known how much energy and drive I would get out of working with these kids, I’d have done it years ago!”

Some of the past memorable projects included Elliott Hundley building kites for each child to collage, videographer/photographer Brian Bress creating foam masks and costumes and Kristen Morgin staging car races of the clay cars made by the participants.

Join us at the Hammer Courtyard for a creative bonanza! (See below for the artists, and their proposed projects!)

K.A.M.P. will likely sell out this year, so it’s wise to purchase your tickets now.It is definitely a spendy event, but look at it this way: your kids will wind up with a potentially life-altering experience (if Brooke’s own experience is any guide), and you’ll get to know 20 LA artists while supporting the fundraising efforts of one of the city’s most creative arts institutions. In addition to gifts from their sponsors Scoop NYC and Puma, as a memento you’ll take home a pamphlet with examples of participating artists’ work, as well as lovely statements about what art meant to them when they were young. Like this:

“I think that children naturally look at the world with wonder and awe. My parents encouraged us to continue to look at the world that way even as we grew up. Teaching us to carefully look at art was one of the ways that they facilitated this outlook on life”. Joel Tauber

Tickets are $125 each for adults and kids of all ages. Tickets are available for purchase on the Hammer’s website.  All art supplies and snacks are donated, so your contribution goes right to the museum’s fundraising.

Lisa Anne Auerbach (Marzipan Traffic Jam)
Justin Beal (Word Art)
Meg Cranston (Sculptures)
Mark Flores (Playing with Color)
Erik Frydenborg (Collage)
Charles Gaines
Hollyflora (Flower Paintings)
Nery Gabriel Lemus
Shana Lutker (Performance)
Malerie Marder (Disco)
Jason Meadows (Mail Art)
Matthew Monahan & Lara Schnitger (Snow Globes)
Ruby Neri (Clay)
Catherine & Oliver Opie (Sock Puppets)
Alessandro Pessoli (Pirate Books)
Frances Stark
Koki Tanaka (Creating Drinks)
Mateo Tannatt (Design Your Own Home)
Mungo Thomson & Kerry Tribe (Launching Helicopters)