Our friends at Coolhaus will meet Bill Clinton this week!


Two young women shared similar passions – ice cream and architecture. They had day jobs after college, but pursued their hobby to the extreme and were soon making architectural ice-cream sandwiches. This was the fall of 2008 and their second great idea was to buy a truck and sell their bauhaus farchitecture at Coachella in 2009. Coolhaus was born, and Natasha and Freya were on the cutting edge of the food truck revolution in LA; they were soon tweeting their locations to thousands of eager followers and these girls soon kicked their day jobs to the curb.

Today they have trucks in four cities across the country, a stand-alone store in Culver City and  are going to meet Bill Clinton when they present at the Clinton Global Conference later this week as exemplars of the local micro lending movement.

Meet Freya and Natasha, two genius girlfriends who created and run Coolhaus. Follow them to a sweeter way of life! 

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch the truck, or visit their stand-alone store in Culver City, you know what we’re talking about. Delicious ice-cream, packed between handmade cookies with wildly intelligent names that are as far out as the taste of the confection. We’ve used them for parties, they’ve contributed to our charity events, and we applaud their young entrepreneurial spirits – and so applaud their recent merchandising expansion – you can buy their product at Whole Foods (and other good supermarket chains around the nation).

Go, Freya and Natasha, Go!

(And, your empire, too….)