Recommended! We love a play that’s in town for only a month is John Logan’s RED – a drama about the artist Mark Rothko and his young assistant that won the Tony for Best Play in 2010. Taking place over the course of two years, and plumbing the depths of an artist’s soul, the show is both lyrical and illuminating. We saw it last week, already huge Rothko fans (okay, who isn’t?), and came away with a deeper understanding of the popular painter. The production is flawless – Alfred Molina plays Rothko, a lumbering, passionate man whose time in the art world’s spotlight is, perhaps, beginning to fade. His assisant, a young painter who worships his boss but who must learn to stand up for himself and a new generation of painters, is played to perfection by Jonathan Groff. Teens who care about the artistic process and adults who love theater or art history will be pleased to catch this production, which leaves town on September 9.