For the Weekend: Openings and Closings


I got a peek of the magnificent Jasper Johns retrospective “Something Resembling the Truth” at The Broad, which opens this weekend and will be on view through May 13. I urge you all to go online and purchase tickets to see what KCRW’s Edward Goldman is already calling the “show of the year.” Tickets are $25 but worth the family’s time, and even worth waiting in line to view – as I did yesterday with scads of eager art-lovers at the press preview. With lots of flags, typography, and some recognizable household items fastened to the canvases, even young kids will enjoy this big colorful show. Our full story will be published next week, but take a peek at some of the paintings on our Instagram page. And please follow us!

Cuba Is closes in a few weeks and is one of our favorite shows from last year. Masters of the American West opens at the Autry this weekend and runs through late March. We also recommend getting to the LA Zoo to catch Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark before it leaves on February 25. The Museum of Failure is open for just one more week  – here’s our story about our visit. For all you romantics, Lady and the Tramp is playing at El Capitan through Valentine’s Day.

Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics are Friday night, though competition has already begun. Did you know you can project an AR image of four athletes through your iPhone? Here’s how.