Subscriber Giveaway: Ironbound at The Geffen


Marin Ireland and Josiah Bania star in “Ironbound” at the Geffen Playhouse. Photo by Chris Whitaker.

Darja, the character played by Marin Ireland at the center of a new play at the Geffen Playhouse, is an immigrant factory worker whose life is derailed by poverty and circumstance. Ironbound, a 90-minute play written by Martyna Majok, is a gritty portrait, and Ireland does a tremendous job making us laugh at her stubbornness and root for Darja to repair the broken relationships in her life. The storyline pings back and forth over twenty years, offering a glimpse into her choice-making and heartbreaks. It’s not sunny material, but speaks to contemporary issues of immigration and job scarcity. Ireland, who is onstage for the full 90 minutes, will win your heart.

In support of great theater in LA, we have procured a Friends Four Pack to give away for the Tuesday, February 20 performance (8:00 pm). The giveaway includes seats to a “talk back” after the performance, an opportunity to learn more about the play and the production. Grab a few friends, and make a night of it.

Enter to win by writing to us at Winner announced by 2/16.

Ironbound was written by a young playwright, Martyna Majok, about a forgotten part of New Jersey called Ironbound, and as an homage to her own mother who was an immigrant factory worker. Majok has won numerous awards for her potent voice, and the cadence and humor in this play makes a tough subject matter accessible.

Marin Ireland is a terrific actress who is on stage for the whole play, and her accent and mannerisms are endearing, even as her actions and words are off-putting. Here is a podcast with Marin. 

Here is a review from the play’s debut in NYC in 2016, and a profile with the playwright.


Marin Ireland and Josiah Bania star in “Ironbound” at the Geffen Playhouse. Photo by Chris Whitaker.