Emma : Streaming and Purely Delightful


The new Emma, released to streaming platforms because of the COVID-19 virus, is a pure delight and a must-see for the family. And for romantics and Jane Austen fans. Doesn’t that just about cover all of us?

Backing up, with patrons not in theaters, Universal led the pack of studios in a decision to release first run films on demand. We rented this film on Amazon Prime for $19.99, a more expensive proposition than normal streaming, but more convenient and cheaper than a gang going to the movies. Look to the other studios to be following this lead, which will likely transform the theatrical landscape.

With a playful, colorful sensibility and a sly wit, this Emma is more fun that the past several adaptations and the cast is full of surprises, from Anya Taylor-Joy to hilarious Bill Nighy, and especially the handsome Johnny Flynn.

Amber Anderson, left, Tanya Reynolds, Josh O’Connor, director Autumn de Wilde and Johnny Flynn on the set of “Emma.”(Liam Daniel / Focus Features)

Director Autumn de Wilde is the real story here – a photographer who’d never directed before, breathed life into a much-explored story (from Clueless to GP’s version) and the visuals are spectacular – here is a profile from the LA Times.. Here’s more on de Wilde from The New Yorker.

Here is Common Sense’s review; good for kids over 12 (because of some mild back-end nudity). Forget the national news, and have fun with this one.