Fantastic Fungi


Fantastic Fungi was released about six months ago, but when it comes to the wonder of nature, and learning about something incredible while you’re stuck at home, it is a good title to loop back and visit.  With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Fantastic Fungi is one the best docs of the past year, and is great for inspiring some science love in your household.

Narrated by Brie Larson and directed by the incredible Louis Schwartberg — whose TED talks are illuminating in themselves –  you’ll tune in for the mind-bending time-lapse photography. However, stick around for some mind-bending facts about the network of organisms under the earth. You can watch the trailer and hear from Michael Pollan and other food and science experts about why this species is unlike any other.

Here is Common Sense’s review; the film is recommended for kids over 13:

In FANTASTIC FUNGI, various experts explain mushrooms’ surprising importance to virtually everything on Earth. They help the balance of nature, not only by helping clear away dead matter, but also by helping in the creation of new things and by creating connective tissue between all living things. Mycologists (fungi scientists) marvel at the variety of mushrooms, including the ones that are good to eat and the ones that can be poisonous. Mainly, the movie suggests that “magic” mushrooms may have had something to do with the humans’ evolution and that their inherent properties may hold the answer to many of today’s problems, from cleaning oil spills to curing diseases and helping with anxiety and depression.


You can rent or buy it directly on the filmmaker’s page, or search online to see who is hosting it currently.