Summer Cooking Camp for Kids and Teens: Violet LA


Violet is a new restaurant in Westwood that we love – and especially because owner Dana Slatkin has a cooking school upstairs from the lovely dining room. And this summer, she’s got cooking camp for kids and teens.

4 Weeks, July 12th – August 6th

Kids, ages: 8-12 & Teens, ages: 13-17

Led by professional chefs, each week of camp spotlights different types of cuisines and cooking methods. From international favorites to pastry classics, your budding chef will have the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes and learn new techniques to try at home.

Our professional culinary atmosphere enhances your camper’s experience as they learn from the best in the business while surrounded by a fast-paced Bistro and culinary shop.

Located in heart of Westwood Village, Violet Cooking School offers a state-of-the-art culinary education in a cozy classroom designed to feel more like home than school. This immersive experience will inspire the imagination while cultivating invaluable life skills.

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