Homeschoolers Day

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Date(s) - Oct 18
9:00 am

Kidspace Children's Museum


Kidspace Children’s Museum is great for any Home School program and they’re having another Homeschoolers Day on Wednesday, October 18! The programs available are:

Chumash Cave Painting—Grades K to 4
Explore how art has been used through time to communicate and tell stories.  Students will investigate how the Chumash lived and produced cave paintings to tell their stories using natural materials.  They will crush rocks to make paint to tell stories of their own and create a “cave painting.”

Fun Physics—Grades K to 4
Explore physics principles with giant levers, spinning wheels, and tugging pulleys.  Build our own machines that transfer energy through a collaborative chain reaction. Be amazed at the power of simple machines.

Digging Up the Tyrannosaurus Rex—Grades K to 8
Investigate the life of a Tyrannosaurus rex and uncover what this famous fossil might have been like when it was alive. Is its reputation fact or fiction?