The Zimmer Children’s Museum


Nestled into an imposing building at the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente, the Zimmer Children’s Museum is a jewel of a spot where kids can relax and explore in an ultra-safe environment. We visited for the first time last week, and actually regret that this wonderful resource was not around when our kids were small. The museum bustles with the energy of happy, busy kids and we learned that there is a considerable amount of substance behind this seemingly blissful environ.

Each play station — from an airplane cockpit, to a play kitchen, to a school bus with magnetized letters  — corresponds with a key value that the museum imparts. For instance, the most popular exhibit was a huge rubber boat which had been used the in rescue efforts during Hurricane Katrina. The kids were happily jumping into the bouncy-ball nest of the boat, but the whole exhibit carried with it notions of compassion and rescue. Taking care of others qualifies as a BIG IDEA at the Zimmer and the Katrina rescue boat illustrates how simple it is for parents to impart these core values.

Arielle Sherman, our friend at the Zimmer explained that many families choose to purchase an annual membership (which costs between $75 and $185 depending on the number of Adults on the ticket!), because it makes more financial sense than paying at each visit. You can add a pass for your caregiver, as well, for $25. With classes during the week, and Family Day programs each weekend, families with younger kids (ages 0-8) should put the Zimmer on their go-to list.

Click here to be taken to the museum’s website where you can learn about the weekly programming, and the Family Day programs from now until summer.  Teens who are interested can get to know the Zimmer by joining the Zteam, to represent the museum a festivals and helping with social media strategies. Call Jessica at the Zimmer for more on this topic: 323-761-8910