The Artist – a silent film made in the old LA tradition


Silent films are suddenly all the rage… good timing the Oscar sweep by The Artist. You can catch several silent films this spring — after you see The Artist in the theaters, that is.

In May, The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra screens two Harold Lloyd masterpieces — The Kid Brother (1927) and High and Dizzy (1920) accompanied by an original score by Carl Davis in a benefit to support their family and community programming. Click here for ticketing and more information.

And, for fun, Curbed LA put out a map of the locations used in The Artist (the only Oscar nominated film to be shot entirely in LA). For extra credit, here’s a blog about other silent film locations in LA.

For Extra Credit: Here’s David Denby’s (somewhat cranky) commentary in The New Yorker about the difference between silent films of old… and The Artist.