The Neurotic Parent’s Guide to College Admissions



The letters are coming out… whether you’re waiting on Kindergarten, Middle School, High School or College, the feelings are all the same. Dread. Self-Loathing. Disgust with the System.

It sure helps to have a sense of humor.  Especially about the college process which is nuttier than all the prior application processes. (Trust us on this!)

One clever Westside mom, J.D. Rothman, blogged about the process while her son was going through it – check out her blog and its hilarious cartoon illustrations — which was JUST turned into a spot-on, snicker fest of a book called  “The Neurotic Parent’s Guide to College Admissions. ”  It was published by a wonderful local publishing company called Prospect Park Media.

As wary as we were about revisiting the anxiety and craziness of the college process, Rothman’s witticisms serve as antidote to anxiety. Her research is absolutely up-to-date, and the plethora of hard data grounds her knowing humor. Truth hurts, but it’s also very, very funny in the hands of the right writer.

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Warning: If caught reading this book in public, be prepared to illicit all manner of commentary from passers-by (or nosy waiters) such as “Don’t be neurotic! Your kid is going to be your kid, no matter where he goes to college.”