The Fowler Museum’s Global Vision


When you have a big birthday, it’s nice to celebrate in a large way and the Fowler Museum has gone all out to let the world know they’re pretty excited about turning 50.  Not only have they organized an eight-part series that shows off their impressive collection of anthropological artifacts, called Fowler at Fifty, but the museum is expressing it’s excitement with a unique installation of globe beach balls called “Walk among Worlds” by artist Máximo González which bubble throughout the courtyard and overflow to the top of the museum itself.  The Fowler Turns 50

The Fowler at 50

Here’s a glimpse of the globes in the Fowler’s courtyard. It’s a great spot for some fun with the kids (and a camera!).

Fowler at Fifty

Once you’ve had your fill of beach balls, wander into the galleries where you’ll find intriguing global artifacts, many of which have been pulled out of storage for the very first time to be displayed for the curious visitor. Let the kids wander through the adjacent galleries  — something will surely catch their eye!
DSC_4324Click here to read more about each of the eight segments of the show, or just wander and discover. Books are arranged on reading benches in many of the rooms so get into the spirit of discovery and exploration. After all, that’s how these items were all collected in the first place.

The Fowler at 50

The Fowler has great programming for families – check the Fowler’s calendar for listings, or sign up for their free newsletter. The next Kids in the Courtyard event will be held on October 17. We’re pretty sure the beach balls will be deflated by then, but the events are always just as much fun as these whimsical globes. DSC_4326 DSC_4328For more detail on the origins of this remarkable collection, here’s an article from UCLA Magazine.