How to Take Advantage of Free Museum Day: Jan 31, 2015


This weekend, museums around the southland will be opening their doors for free to the public, and here is a list of participating institutions. Here are our picks for the day, arranged by age groups.



Travel up the Sepulveda Pass to the Skirball and enjoy Noah’s Ark – it’s a treat each time you visit, and grandparents in particular love to take children through this space. The Family Art Studio is open on Saturday, as well. Tickets for Noah’s Ark will be distributed first come.  Film lovers will also enjoy Light and Noir, which features a room dedicated to the set of Casablanca and explains how a group of remarkable German Jewish immigrants whose talent and courage pushed American cinema to new heights.



The California Science Museum presents a full plate full of invigorating experiences, and it’s sometimes best to go for one show and focus on that. Kids will be wowed by the shuttle Endeavor itself, and the accompanying show Mission 26: The Big Endeavor is an exploration of the shuttle’s missions, including its remarkable journey across LA to the museum.



The Academy Museum’s Hollywood Costume exhibit is perfect for anyone with a passion for film, and teens will love spending time seeing the costumes from current as well as historical films. Marilyn Monroe’s dress reveals a much tinier waist than you ever imagined possible. Seeing Mary Poppins’ outfit, complete with duck-headed umbrella will bring a chuckle, as well. Gorgeous period costumes and action-hero capes are a treat to behold.



LACMA’s Pierre Huyghe exhibit is the talk of the time, and it’s time you caught the show. With a Iberian hound that wanders the exhibit with a pink leg and a LED-masked handler, live bees, and some cool suspended rocks, you will be delighted by the sensory offerings. Here is our article about the show, which is particularly fun because you’ll be announced at the door by a tuxedo-clad butler. (This show requires extra ticketing, though entrance to the museum is free).