Bari Kumar: Remembering the Future


 Local artist works with local kids to create work inspired by LACMA’s collection.

5th graders bari kumar-37

LACMA has a neat program that pairs contemporary artists with local school children, and Bari Kumar: Remembering the Future represents the seventh iteration of this unique collaboration. Bari Kumar is an artist who grew up in India but has worked in LA for over 30 years. He chose items from the galleries at LACMA to inspire an art project that he created with kids at the Charles White Elementary School in MacArthur Park.

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Bari Kumar: Remembering the Future is something that you and your family can also experience on one of 5 Family Days spread out during the spring (see below). You’ll love seeing how the kids are inspired by working with an artist, and its neat to get to know Bari Kumar‘s work  — which is informed by his bicultural experiences: his canvases feature desolate landscapes with fragmented imagery, words and symbols and are inspired as much by Los Angeles, where he has lived for 30 years, as from childhood memories growing up in rural southern India.

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  Family Days:  February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, and June 13 | Noon–4:30pm

Join museum educators in this unique satellite space for family-friendly tours of the exhibition Bari Kumar: Remembering the Future and an opportunity to experiment with a variety of painting techniques through a hands-on art project.

making a ranogli

I had an opportunity to witness the teachers setting up the gallery space for the 5th graders and listen to the artist give instructions for the hands-on experience. Surrounded by both the contemporary and ancient artworks the students were encouraged to create new work with colored chalk in this special environment.

The exhibit will be on view at Charles White from January 30–June 13, 2015