POTTED POTTER through Sunday, March 1



POTTED POTTER: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – a Parody by Dan and Jeff

Written and Performed By Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner

10 Performances only! Fed 25- March 1, 2015

Hold onto your wands, Potted Potter has crossed the pond and landed in Beverly Hills. For fans of Harry Potter here’s a new and very funny way to re-experience the magical series. Comedienne and former BBC hosts Dan Clarkson and Jeff Turner condense all seven books into a 75 minute comedic romp that includes a rousing game of Quidditch with the audience.

My son and I went opening night and it reminded me of the nights my kids and I spent waiting for the books and movies to come out. There’s an excitement in the air and lots of kids in Potter costumes. We’d never been to The Wallis before and it’s beautiful and nicely located in the heart of Beverly Hills. It was a school night, but the show is an ideal length and we were home in bed at a reasonable hour.

The show itself is high energy, full of Monty Python like gags, funny costume changes and a nice amount of audience participation. Quidditch was my son’s favorite part. The comediennes focus on major plot points, big battles, things like dragons and fun relationships and stay away from sadder elements of the books, so ideal for kids of all ages.

The only thing catch is that it’s not here for long!

Get your tickets now, prices run between $30 and $79 and can be purchased in person or by phone at 310-746-4000.

By Cary Bickley