Runway Vision at LV Series 2: Pop-Up for Two Weeks


Louis Vuitton “Series 2” in Hollywood through February 22, 2015Louis Vuitton // Series 2

For the next two weeks, you can drop into a warehouse space in Hollywood and have a personal experience with Louis Vuitton’s spring line.

Louis Vuitton: Series 2 is a dazzling display of leading edge technology applied to the highest level of branding. Teens and adults interested in the marketing and/or fashion will appreciate the visual sizzle. Loving the luxury line is not actually required, and buying is not the point of this pop-up. Instead, the exhibit is designed to showcase the vision of Nicolas Ghequiere, the luxury line’s artistic director. A half-hour walk through the Hollywood exhibit space conveys both the excitement of the Paris runway shows and an appreciation for the work that goes into the creation of each Vuitton product.

Louis Vuitton - series 2

The exhibition is a pop-showcase with tricks rarely seen in such an accessible setting, making it extremely fun to walk through, whether you’re a Vuitton aficionado, or not. There are seven, colorful rooms and inspired crowds Instgramming their way through the dark corridors. Bring your camera!


The first two rooms are light shows – the logo in neon is a big camera-draw (visitors line up for this shot) and then the next room is meant to replicate the feeling of being on a runway. With lights piercing though space from above, and endless mirrors and music, the experience is a modern version of funhouse mirrors – reflecting gorgeous girls in extreme close-up, lost in the space-age darkness.

LV Series 2

Louis Vuitton Series 2

After the runway room, there is a hologram of a Vuitton case that can be viewed from both sides, and then visitors are dropped into an incredibly bright room with the actual bags on display. (Nothing is for sale, however). The models are as white as the walls, floors and ceilings making the bags themselves seem to float in the space. The bags are cool, but the display is what you’ll remember.

Louis Vuitton / Series 2

Just when the visual treats seem to have peaked, you duck through a doorway and find yourself in a video hall of mirrors, which a loop of footage from the Paris show. As an observer, you are in the middle of a barrage of multiplied images – models in the sumptuous frocks, prancing at you and then disappearing, as another set of girls approaches. It all adds up to a lot of flashy glamor, yet manages to express the excitement of the show itself rather than fetishizing the girls, or even the clothes.

Louis Vuitton // Series 2

Before you sashay back to your life, be sure to find the giveaway area —  we like the lush sticker collection, which you are free to take home — ordinary images of salt shakers and match boxes in vibrant colors that are apparently a print from the spring edition. There are also posters to take home, though the stickers hard to beat.

Louis Vuitton // Series 2


Series 2 — 1135 N. Highland Ave, LA 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily through February 22 – -FREE