“Mamba Out”


Kobe wrapped at StaplesWednesday’s Kobe-finale was one for the record books. 4/13 proved to be a big night for basketball fans, most of whom had a hard time deciding whether to watch Steph Curry or Kobe Bryant play important games. We loved the show at Staples, and found this article about Michael Jackson’s career advice for Kobe to be a powerful lesson in celebrity culture as well as a peek at what it takes to be a superstar in any field. Don’t miss this Nike commerical, either, for a studied “farewell” to Mamba’s complicated career.


Plenty of words have been, and will be, written about a man who is complicated and driven.  Talking about Kobe to kids is probably best done in terms of the depth and drive behind his work ethic, something that is to be admired and emulated.  60 points in a retirement game is remarkable, and the passion of his performance is unparalleled, even in a sport with many, many greats. Most of whom were on hand to bid this one farewell.