MarkyBox – a Blue Apron Approach to Kid’s Art – Discount for Subscribers


Do you love arts and crafts projects but struggle to find the time to stock the supplies or dream up projects? You’re going to love MarkyBox for high-quality materials, inspired ideas, and ease of process.

MarkyboxBrooke Kanter – the woman behind K.A.M.P. at The Hammer  – sent us her latest creation, MarkyBox, a membership art program that provides all the materials (and instructions) for a spectacular home art project.

Think of Blue Apron, but for art. All the materials and inspiration you need, designed with the cadre of artists that Brooke has met through her work on K.A.M.P. and paired with mini-art history lessons that widen the experience, this well-designed project will insure hours of unique fun for you and your kids. The program launched in June 2016, and we had a blast trying out the first box!

Family Savvy subscribers who sign up will receive a 10$ discount by using the code: SAVVYMARKY10 when making a purchase – instead of $30, your first box will be $20! Click here for Markybox – details on purchase options below.


Sophie Mixing

Our first box arrived in gorgeous packaging, with everything we needed to inspire and complete a sophisticated project – materials, mask, simple instructions and complete information about the safety of the materials. MarkyBox provides hours of uninterrupted play. Kids gain confidence by trying something new and all the cool gear makes them feel pretty professional!

carousel-castingThe theme of the first trial box was Casting: Create a Mold of Your Hand. Here’s our reporter’s story:

The Marky kit arrived in a shoebox sized card box container with all of the materials needed to create two complete molds. The instructions, envision a Blue Apron style double-sided card, were thorough yet not too complicated. We mixed materials in a box provided to make a hand mold. I particularly loved this as I have a mold of my now 13-year old’s hand from when he was four and have always wanted to create an updated version.


My kids are 11 and 13 so they are at a great age to take ownership of the project without too much parental intervention. Younger kids would need guidance, especially as masks are involved in dealing with the Alginate and Hydro-stone powder mixes. The instructions provided 12 easy steps to making a plaster mold of a hand. It took some trial and error on the first batch to mix the materials properly and work out the air bubbles. The second try went perfectly and we ended up with a perfect replica of my son’s hand.

Cool Hand

There is gold paint to make the cast bronze-like, calling to mind a Rodin hand sculpture. The MarkyBox materials also point to contemporary artist Robert Gober. MarkyBox is great and hassle-free way to get your kids working on creative art projects that you might not otherwise attempt.

You can purchase a box, with all the supplies and instructions for TWO projects, on a monthly basis ($30), or subscribe for six months ($160)  or a year ($300). Be sure to use the discount code to get $10 off your first purchase! A perfect grandparent or housewarming gift, MarkyBox is also the antidote of “I’m bored, Mommy!”.

Here are photos of upcoming boxes — order now!

carousel-dyeing-weaving carousel-marbling carousel-paper-mache carousel-string-art carousel-tin-prints