5 Satisfying Movies to End the Year On


There’s no better conversation than one that erupts after everyone has watched a movie together – especially if that film promotes great characteristics such as perseverence and empathy. My #1 family pick is Coco, which tells the story of a boy who accidentallly enters The Land of the Dead on Día de Los Muertos; everyone loves this film, which is good for 8+. Wonder is equally enjoyable, and tells the story of a boy with a genetic facial deformity. Based on a beloved book by the same name, this film is good for 10+.

As for adult fare, I’ve recently watched three excellent films with strong directors at the helm and each is receiving top praise from the critics: The Florida Project  is an edgy commentary on the underbelly of the Disney-American dream; Call Me by Your Name is an irresistible love story between two men set in the mid-80s in Northern Italy; and, Lady Bird is a humorous mother-daughter coming-of-age tale set in Sacramento. You don’t want to go into awards season without knowing about each of these gems.