Welcome MMXX


I took a long break from posting here, and I have missed writing about the important issues, travel and art that have meant so much to me. So – here we go with a bold 2020 New Year’s Resolution to show up and share what I am doing and learning.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, I will write about what I think are worthy and important to share. There are a plethora of sites and individuals who are covering LA culture in a reliable calendar-focused way.  As an individual (who is not making money on this blog) I will instead weigh in on what I see and learn, and hope to inspire you to some worthy adventures.

Hence the photo above- I will try to choose one pebble on the beach to show you, instead of trying to describe all the rocks along the shore.

My beat has been families, culture and Los Angeles for over 15 years – I wrote Kids off the Couch when my kids were small (think watching Sea Biscuit and going to the track at Santa Anita).  Currently, I am the Senior Director for Common Sense here in LA, so a healthy does of our organizational mission now filters my perspective. Since I began writing about kids and culture, the influence of media technology has grown exponentially, and now touches all our lives and touches the lives of children from the day they are born. That seismic change means that managing technology is an essential part of parenting.

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