Spring Podcast Round-Up



Dr. Ashish Jha, Brown Alumni Magazine

We might not have made it through Covid without the constant companionship of a few key podcasts and now that life is opening back up, being able to multi-task while catching up on news or a book is still a central productivity hack. There are currently over 48 million episodes to choose from out there, so here’s what we like right now:


For level-headed, calming Covid News: What Comes Next with Dr Ashish Jha is a quick weekly update from the Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health.

For perfect parenting psychology: Ask Lisa with NYTimes columnist and popular author Lisa Damour is (even better than) weekly therapy about taking care of family issues; created during covid but relevant to all parenting.

For a sharp round up of business news: Three compelling brainiacs from the Harvard Business School dissect the week’s business news on After Hours.

For a brilliant combo of local and national news (with an LA perspective): Press Play with Madeleine Brand/KCRW.

For tracking changes in the fast-moving tech landscape: Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway do a twice weekly round up of the business of tech on Pivot. Their banter is fun, if you like that kind of thing.