Dwindling Days of December

Lake Balboa Swan Boats

If the Omicron news has you down, and all you can do is lie on the couch and read the books you got for Christmas, I’m with you. Here are a few things that might be regenerative as we wait this one out.

1. Thinking of others: it’s nearly the last day to give to your favorite nonprofits, so get that done ASAP. Here is a logical guide from the New York Times that may help you make some decisions. As somone who was in the fundraising business for a long time, I can tell you that the organizations are eagerly awaiting your gifts even as the clock ticks down to New Year’s Eve.  

2. Getting organized: I signed up for Dashlane and put my (hundreds of) passwords under a single password system after reading a book called “In Case You Get Hit By a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You’re Not Around Later” which made a case for organizing the sprawling breadcrumbs of your digital life. 

3. Exploring a new part of town; I recently discovered these swan boats at Lake Balboa, where I took a covid-safe walk with cousins and spotted a ton of winter ducks and geese. Click here for information about the nearby Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area – an important oasis for birds and other wildlife. 

4. Making a change: I’ve started composting now that a law has been passed mandating we put organic waste into our green bins. And another law has been passed that restricts which plastics go in the blue bins because, as the bill’s author State Senator Ben Allen said ““Americans find recycling… more confusing than building IKEA furniture, doing their taxes, playing the stock market or understanding their spouse.” At least 85% of single-use plastic items don’t get recycled, even if they carry the familiar triangular symbol. Learn more here.