Delicious Sure Looks Yummy

Grégory Gadebois, left, and Guillaume de Tonquédec in the movie “Delicious.”
(Jérôme Prébois / Nord-Ouest Films)

There is a lot of football going on right now, and IMNO a counter-gridiron strategy is called for. I’ve got a little french souffle to balance your viewing palate.

Delicious by director-writer Éric Besnard tells the story of a talented chef who is booted out of his employment with a french noble, and sets up a roadhouse just as the French revolution is cooking up. it’s not clear if this is a true story, but does it matter? Here is the LA Times review – and, let’s just say it – it’s a refreshing change of pace while the NFL makes it through the post-season! I enjoyed the distraction, even if it’s nothing more than some clever food porn.

The film is available on demand here on Vudu for a price, and on Apple TV.