Thank You For Being a Friend, IRL


I had fun producing this latest conversation for Common Sense. We paired three teens with Dr. Lisa Damour and Dr. Cara Natterson on a panel about what’s going on with friendship for kids right now. The best takeways come at the end of the hour when Cara and Lisa shared reminders about how to tackle loneliness and the importance of friendships in our kids’ lives. They remind us “you only need one” and that “you don’t make friends, you find friends,” so be sure to “get a lot of kids into your traffic pattern” if you have an isolated child.

Dr. Cara Natterson (Pediatrician, best-selling author of The Care and Keeping of You and Guy Stuff, and founder of puberty company OOMLA)

Dr. Lisa Damour (Psychologist, best-selling author of Untangled and Under Pressure, and New York Times columnist)