TV I’m Looking Forward To


First and foremost, we have to catch up on the Oscar candidates – nearly all the nominated films are online so here is a nice link to help you find how to stream any of the ones you are interested in.

Jane Campion’s movie Power of the Dog is not easy to watch but has such a superb ending that powering through the ugly behavior of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character (albeit, mitigated by beautiful scenery) is worth the effort. In the spirit of full disclosure, it took me two tries (!) but it is the most nominated film this year so it has become required viewing by now.

Given Awards Season, it feels naughty to be interested in these three TV options on the horizon:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is finally back for a fourth season (having taken a year off) and arrives on Amazon Prime on February 18. While some seasons have been better than others, I’m hoping the pandemic was good for this winning character and either way, I’d love to spend a few evenings laughing along with her antics.

Roy Choi is a true LA hero, and on this season of Broken Bread he looks at the future of restaurants and how social change starts in the kitchen. His interview with Madeline Brand is a nice amuse bouche – listen to it here.

Amanda Seyfriend is playing Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu’s adaptation of The Dropout. I can’t wait — having read the books, watched the doc, and listened to every podcast, I still have time for more of this amazing story.