My Favorite Pandemic Project: The Power of Photography


We are witnessing a steady stream of passion projects in the form of books, and songs, and pieces of art born from the darkest hours of the pandemic. Many of us have private passion projects from that time – but the other day when I started to talk about one of mine, someone said “yeah, yeah, yeah, your pandemic project… We’ve all got em, don’t we?” That shut me right up!

In truth though, I find it all fascinating…. the projects are expressions of what folks found to be most important and true in their lives. So, you can tell me your pandemic story anytime!

My friend Peter Fetterman has a great one and even as it’s gained in momentum and popularity, he has kept true to his initial, simple strategy. As a photography collector and gallerist of nearly forty years, he knew what kept his soul alive when the world closed down. He began to send one photograph out each day in a missive he called “The Power of Photography.” The short email included notes from his desk which expressed the personality and philosophy of that particular photographer.

Two years later, the project is wildly popular and many – including me – count on it as a daily bit of hope. Peter shares his knowledge with straightforward affection, and it’s perfect.

Here he is describing how his pandemic project came about.

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Take a look at all of Peter’s photographic offerings online here or in person at his gallery at Bergmont Station in Santa Monica.

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