Forever Young: The Art of Music Photography at the Peter Fetterman Gallery


The mystique of a rock & roll band is difficult to define, but when the music and the image of the band come together, they live in our hearts forever. Or, at least, they do for the bands portrayed in The Peter Fetterman Gallery’s wonderful new show. Forever Young: The Art of Music Photography has just opened at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica and is worth a trip – and bring your check book if you are even half-way inclined to collect black and white photography. Peter is one of LA’s top dealers and he and his staff will help you find something perfect for your (budding) collection.

The show, located in the gallery’s brand new space, presents iconic rock and roll images including everything from Frank Sinatra to Kurt Cobain. Peter’s vast collection includes work from such artists as Annie Leibovitz, Danny Clinch, John Cohen, Don Hunstein, Astrid Kirchherr, Hermon Leonard, Gered Mankowitz, Mark Seliger, Kate Simon, Alfred Wertheimer and more. These artists were initiators of a movement and have captured the culture that was and is rock & roll.

Click here to review the images online.

If you’re interested in collecting photography, you can just begin by looking through the artists represented by the gallery — all of whom are displayed online at the gallery’s website. Let yourself be guided by what you like — collecting starts with the heart! And, be sure to sign up for the gallery’s newsletter.