Presidents’ Day 2013 – A Savvy Itinerary


Why not spend exploring LA like the Presidents did?  LA is no DC, but US presidents have long enjoyed their trips to the Southland. Here’s an homage to their various personalities and points of view!

If You’re on the West Side… eat like Clinton


Clinton was a big fan of burgers until he went Vegan, but Los Angeles is so diverse that meat eaters and herbivores can be satisfied at the same place! Check out The Addiction Bistro, where even the condiments are homemade. Sample one of their numerous chilies, and even try their vegan chilies as well! With made-from-scratch burgers, dogs, and desserts, The Addiction Bistro boasts that if chef Johnny didn’t make it, they won’t serve it. Added bonus? the bistro has gluten free buns and fries, so it really caters to all forms of special diets.

Want an all-vegan meal? Native Foods has been opening the eyes of vegans and meat-eaters alike, with decadent-tasting meals that omit animal products. We love their selection of homemade drinks, from lavender lemonade to watermelon agua fresca. Real Food Daily has been an LA Vegan Mainstay for years, offering organic and seasonal foods since 1993. Cafe Gratitude recently opened a second restaurant in Venice, and we love any meal at Andrew Weill’s True Food Kitchen.

If You’re in the Valley… learn like Reagan


A trek to the Valley is worth it for the spectacular views at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library. With fun and informative exhibits ranging from inside Air Force One to Walt Disney’s Archives, there really is something for everyone at this historical destination. Complete with a full-sized replica of the Oval Office, plant the seeds for Presidential aspirations in your children. Here’s a bit of LA presidential trivia: Who was the first president to visit Los Angeles? Keep reading for the answer!

If You’re in Burbank… laugh like Obama


When Obama visited LA to be on Leno, traffic stopped and citizens were irked — the next time he was in town, he helicoptered around so as not to cause more gridlock. Take your own trip to an episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and bring along your kids for an experience that is a little more Camera Glam than it is Capitol Hill. Not much of a Leno fan, or can’t get tickets in time? Why not see Conan O’Brien, or The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? Oh, and the first President to visit LA was William McKinley.

If You’re in Los Feliz… chow down like Bush


Being Texans, President George Bush and his wife certainly knew good Barbecue, and here in LA we’ve got some great places for ribs and brisket. Baby Blues Barbecue has got it all, taking the best of Memphis to Venice, California. With delicious sides and seafood, this place has something to offer even the anti-BBQ among your crew. Plus, with over 1,000 reviews on Yelp, this 4-star restaurant has been chosen by the people, for the people, as the best LA place for some ‘cue. For some more upscale meat, try out Boneyard Bistro in Studio City. This bistro does right by its name, offering a new twist on succulent barbecue options and raising the bar on cowboy fare. We loved their famous bacon sticks, and the baby kale salad is a lighter choice that still has great Barbecue elements.

If You’re driving around… be cool like JFK.


No one can escape the rumors that John F. Kennedy was a bit of a philanderer. Why not explore the life of one of his most famous mistresses, the late and great Marilyn Monroe? See the bungalows where she lived, her favorite restaurant haunts, the various high schools she attended before dropping out to get married and the lovely spot where she is buried.