Domestic Integrities at the Hammer for four days in March


Come Make a Rug with Artist Fritz Haeg

Domestic Integrities at the Hammer

An artist looks at our daily lives in a slightly different way than anyone else does, so it’s always intriguing to learn from a new type of art, whether a painting, photography, piece of music or, in the case of Fritz Laeg, an art installation. The Los Angeles–based artist will be at the Hammer Museum in Westwood for four days (March 21-25) using discarded textiles donated by visitors.  Visitors may bring clean discarded clothing, textiles, linens, towels, and sheets that will be weaved into the art piece by the artist. The rug has already visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has several stops after Los Angeles as it grows, and as it greets new collaborators along the way.

The artist will present, and possibly serve, tea and produce and other “medicinals” from his garden as he explores questions about how we live in the domestic spaces we create for ourselves.

Here is his website.

And here are more details from the Hammer’s site.