Paul Taylor Dance Company and The Blue Ribbon Children’s Festival



The Paul Taylor Dance Company comes to The Music Center for three shows April 11-14, but the company will also perform at The Blue Ribbon Children’s Festival. After the performance, the students will join with their peers from all over Los Angeles County on The Music Center Plaza in a dance inspired by Paul Taylor’s work and choreographed just for them.  Every student  who attends the Festival will receive a copy of the book, A Journey Through The Music Center, which introduces them to The Music Center and various aspects of the performing arts.

The Music Center would like to offer readers and followers of The Family Savvy an opportunity toreceive a copy of A Journey Through The Music Center for free;  the book is traditionally been available only to students who attend the festival.  Click here to request a copy of the book, which will be mailed in late April.

This keepsake book, made available through a grant of $1 million, makes information about the performing arts very accessible and understandable.  Parents and students will especially appreciate the book’s attention to the vocabulary words.  What is an oboe?  What is a resident company?  What does it meant to strike the set?  What does a theater house manager do?  Students will be able to answer those questions and more as they enjoy the book’s beautiful photographs and illustrations, storylines and special attention to personalizing the experiences associated with the performing arts.

The Family Savvy will giveaway four tickets to the April 11, 2014 opening night performance at 7:30 p.m. of the Paul Taylor Dance Company at The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion . Please enter to win by writing to us at by April 1.