James Turrell’s Ganzfeld is Open for Another Year~


TurrellwebGreat news! We dropped by LACMA today and had the pleasure of discovering something thrilling – the museum has quietly reopened James Turrell’s popular Ganzfeld exhibit. The artist’s retrospective is now closed, but because the museum owns the popular light-field artwork, they’ve devised a clever strategy for keeping it on view.

You may have already had the experience of being in Ganzfeld — visitors shed their shoes and don booties to climb up into a sloped room, where the lights change from blue to pink to orange to green and back again. The air is soft and the pill-shaped space at the end of the room, which is actually a deep pit, holds your focus in a strangely mesmerizing fashion. It’s a terrific expression of Turrell’s philosophy of seeing and something that everyone- kids to grandparents – will adore.


During the popular run of the Turrell show, which closed in April 2014, visitors had to reserve a timed-entry slot to see the show. You will still need a timed-entry ticket, but now here is the procedure for seeing the exhibit.


You must be at the museum to book a time slot. Once on campus, check in on a special iPad at the ticket office – the one on the plaza next to Chris Burden’s Urban Light. Input your name and cell number, and you’ll receive a text telling you when your entrance is scheduled.

We tried today, and were told we could see the show in 6 minutes. It might be longer on a weekend, (or as more people realize they can still see this cool show), but you can check out other exhibits while you’re waiting.

Entrance is next to the elevator to the parking garage.

Have fun (and, remember, photos are not allowed inside the space).