The Taylor Swift Experience & More at the GRAMMY Museum



Time has called her “the moment’s most successful recording artist.” Vogue described her as “full of hugs and exclamation points.”  Taylor Swift has the ability to inspire, encourage, make you feel like she’s your best friend even though millions of others feel the same way without having met her. With five full albums and a heart of gold, she seems to have the world’s eye lovingly trained on her. The newest addition to the Grammy Museum is yet another example of just that.


The Taylor Swift Experience is an homage to the artist’s exceeding amount of talent. Taking up the second floor of the museum, wall-sized presentations of her albums greet you immediately. On the back wall is a collage of prestigious magazine covers. Scattered throughout are interviews, outfits, concert footage, doodles, and home videos. All in all, it shows her as a real person, not just a famous person (although her infinite random acts of kindness and sweet demeanor suggest the same).


I especially liked the sing-along booth towards the back, where you can record yourself singing along to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Plus, the very colorful Shake It Off stage-like area next to the elevator begs you to dance along (check out her instagram to watch her do the same– yes, she was there), and the gift shop has tons of options. I loved it, but I would also consider myself something of a fanatic. The (approximate) $12 entrance fee might not be worth it to you if you are not something of a fanatic yourself. That said, Swifties or even semi-Swifties might share the warm fuzzy feeling I experienced when poring over her handwritten lyrics.


Of course, Taylor Swift isn’t the only artist represented at the museum. Stylings ranging from those of Daft Punk to Micheal Jackson are honored throughout. Start your tour on the fourth floor, where a huge interactive table can teach you all about the many genres of music with just the tap of a finger. Moving down, the highlight of the third floor was a sound booth towards the back, in which you can experience the different in mono vs. surround sound and more while watching a Grammy performance. Ms. Swift will be your final stop on the second floor.