Creating Citizen Artists


Last night, I attended a discussion hosted by The Music Center and The Aspen Institute Arts Program. The panel, “The Citizen Artists Public Forum” explored ways in which artists serve as activists in their communities both as vehicles of …


New documentary on PBS — Makers: Women Who Make America


It’s been 30 years since the publication of Betty Freidan’s The Feminine Mystique and the women’s movement is still a vital force in our lives, albeit it one that is easily taken for granted. For a primer on how …


Binge-Viewing goes Mainstream with Netflix

Kids today. They watch television differently than we did – downloading whole seasons of a show at once and consuming the storlines in a long, sustained gulp instead of weekly sips. westwing The invention of instant downloading (from Netflix and Hulu) …


A Savvy Guide to Oscar 2013

Before the Oscars arrive on Sunday, February 24th, why not try and see the multitude of films nominated? We have separated the Oscar-nominated films into age appropriate groups to make your time most efficient.

For Middle School: Life of Pi


Studio Ghibli at the Areo and Egyptian Theaters

Kik's Delivery Service - The Family Savvy

Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli in Los Angeles from January 25 – February 10,

It’s possible that you’ve seen Kiki’s Delivery Service, but have you seen any of the other masterful tales told on film by animation genius Hayao Miyazaki? …


Heroines to Emulate: From Homeland to Zero Dark Thirty

I’ve had a restful week of vacation — with family around and the dishwasher in constant rotation between meals and parties and teenagers sleeping over. In the moments I got out of the kitchen, I found myself immersed myself in …


What James Bond taught my son about guns

While nestled in my seat at the multiplex for Skyfall, the latest from the 50 year-old James Bond franchise, I thought back about how late I was to the Bond party. He was not a part of my growing …


GameOn2012 in Santa Monica on Sunday, 9/30

Did you know that games can develop essential skills in areas such as critical thinking, self-direction, and creativity? Common Sense Media, the national nonprofit dedicated to helping parents and teachers manage the media and technology in kids’ lives, understands how …


What a 1971 MGB, Tory Burch’s fall line and Hitchcock’s Vertigo have in common

It started with a conversation between my husband and my kids about a car he once owned… an MGB convertible that brought him from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, years ago. Sadly, the story also involves me selling said mythic …