Virtual Travel: France via Lupin and Call My Agent

Two Netflix shows that will transport you to Paris

Lisa Damour Gives Great Advice

A conversation with Lisa Damour reveals a simple format for giving advice

Common Sense Parenting Webinars: Lisa Damour + Cara Natterson 5/20/20

Over at Common Sense, we’ve been talking with experts from the field of medicine and psychology who can help put the quarantine and Covid-19 in a bit of perspective for all of us who are struggling with parenting during the …


Pandemic Thriller: Too Soon?

I don’t know about you but during the quarantine, I’ve not enjoyed reading fiction the way I used to back in ‘normal times’. Anecdotally, my friends feel similarly and someone explained to me that it’s just too hard to project …


Covid Coping: Birdwatching

It’s been so quiet during the pandemic that I wake up to birdsong and am comforted by the busy sounds all day long. At my home office desk, I can turn and see hummingbirds and towhees flitting into the bushes …


Lost Children Archive

Rarely do we really understand where a writer finds her inspiration but Valeria Luiselli tips her hand willingly to share that her deeply moving new novel was borne of an experience she had interviewing migrant children in New York City. …


LEARN: Julie Mehretu at LACMA

File this under things you can do during the COVID-19 quarantine – relax into this expanse of extra time, and learn about an artist you might not know: Julie Mehretu, whose mid-career retrospective at LACMA, has been noted as …


I love Peleton

I’ll admit to being devoted to Peleton, but they made my heart swell (even more than usual) by allowing access to their library of programming, for free, during this time of crisis. All of us need to exercise, and …


Violet: New Cooking School and Restaurant

Westwood Village has a lovely new french restaurant called Violet that had the misfortune to open during the first week of the COVID-19 quarantine, but that hopefully can weather the storm because the neighborhood needs a classy spot to dine, …