Top Ten Freshman Dorm Tips: BEYOND Bed Bath & Beyond

Moving your child into his or her freshman dorm is highly emotional. Fortunately there is so much organization and shopping to be done that you might not shed a tear until after you have waved goodbye. My daughter and I …


Beat the Heat! Late summer films for all ages

We got a sneak peek of a charming new film last week, and recommend that you spend a few hours of magic with The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The latest offering from Peter Hedges (About a Boy) is not only a heartwarming family film but, in a timely way, also glorifies the season of Autumn. From start to finish, the movie features richly turning leaves, gardens ready for harvest, and costumes in warm browns and reds. Instead of focusing on the tasks of school ahead, your child might be distracted by the fun and beauty of Fall.


Things to Do With Kids in LA: A day in DTLA

What’s a family to do when vacation is a distant memory, camps are done and there are TWO HOT weeks of summer left?

We suggest exploring a new part of town! Once school starts, traffic and homework will take precedence …


TFS Subscriber Profile: Gayle Baigelman and BookEnds

I sat down with Gayle Baigelman last week, a former film executive and mother of a teenage girl, who has managed to turn a lifetime love of reading into a satisfying day job. How did she do that? She works …


It’s time to Watch: London 2012 Olympics

Every two years, the Olympics offer a spectacular chance to watch a lot of television and not feel particularly guilty about it.  We could spend every waking moment of a gloriously extended fortnight getting caught up in the drama of …


Things to Do with Kids in LA: Cakemix

If you’re familiar with Color Me Mine, the you-paint-it, they-fire-it ceramics studio, you’ll love the experience at Duff’s Cakemix. Even if you haven’t been to a place where you create your own masterpiece, Cakemix is a great place to start. …


Things to Do with Kids in LA: Outdoor Screenings this Summer

Forget your Hulu and Roku and all those crazy devices you’re using to watch classic films — all you really have to do is head out into town and it’s a sure thing that you’ll find an outdoor screening that …


Summer Wish List: Starting a Book Club

Three friends and I started a book club over 10 years ago, and we’ve met once a week ever since. Kids have grown, FB relationship statuses have changed, foods have gone in and out of fashion, but we still meet …


Our friends at Coolhaus will meet Bill Clinton this week!

Two young women shared similar passions – ice cream and architecture. They had day jobs after college, but pursued their hobby to the extreme and were soon making architectural ice-cream sandwiches. This was the fall of 2008 and their second …