Is that the Metaverse out there on the Horizon?

Almost immediately after the pandemic began, my future son-in-law commented that “now our lives will just go digital” and his early prediction that our online existence would become increasingly central to our lives was eerily spot-on. For adolescents, an unavoidable …


Delicious Sure Looks Yummy

Grégory Gadebois, left, and Guillaume de Tonquédec in the movie “Delicious.”
(Jérôme Prébois / Nord-Ouest Films)

There is a lot of football going on right now, and IMNO a counter-gridiron strategy is called for. I’ve got a little french souffle …


A Monarch Viewing Road Trip

The Monarch Butterfly population has experienced an unexpected resurgance this year, the opposite of what scientists predicted after populations declined precipitously in the past several years. Now is the time to take a Covid-friendly road trip to witness the bunches of butterflies that are hanging around our coastline. Mating …


2 popular LA Conservancy Tours for February: Paul Williams + Modern Skyline

February 16/Virtual 6:00 PM

I participated in this virtual tour on February 2, and thought it was really interesting – the LA Conversancy is repeating it twice this month, because of it’s popularity. I learned so much more about an …


On the Couch (January/February Reading)

Lots of wonderful authors released books at the end of 2021, but these are the titles which are are rising to the top as we start 2022.

Irish Enlightenment

Our book club deliberately chose a happy title to begin the …


Get Ready for the Gilded Age

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski.

Julian Fellows is back, just in time to rescue us from our Omicron blues. A new series The Gilded Age debuts on HBO on January 24 – here’s the trailer to whet …


Games, Pods, Bits + Bobs

** It turns out that Northern California is doing a much better job than we are at reducing water use, according to Cal Matters: “Californians used nearly 7% less water in their homes during November 2021 compared to November …


The 57 Bus is a YA Novel about Big Issues

I have fond memories of re-reading titles such as “The Scarlet Letter” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” alongside my kids during their high-school English classes. Going back to investigate the classics is a satisfying pastime but most of all, it’s …


January Goals: Darn You Omicron

My goal is simply to make it through the month without meeting Omicron – so I’m sequestered once again. Choosing a 2022 day planner gave me a jolt of energy but otherwise I’m feeling foggy, even though the sky is …